The Pollard Theatre is creating a unique, virtual, live-streaming production of 'A Territorial Christmas Carol', which can be viewed by anyone who has a phone, tablet or computer! The performance will be an immersive audio experience with the voice talents of dozens of Pollard Theatre alumni helming the main cast of characters.


Since we are in the process of recording and mixing this collaborative audio soundscape, we want to involve as many OF YOU as we can. Yes, YOU- our audience! Whether a fan, a community member, a donor, or simply a patron- we would like to use YOUR VOICE in our production.


In the staged production of 'A Territorial Christmas Carol', several scenes involve a bustling, lively atmosphere- many of which depict the busy streets of an early Oklahoma Territory. For our virtual performance, we want to emulate that energy as best we can! What we'd like FROM YOU is to record bits of dialogue that we can incorporate into those scenes!  

From a family passing another on the street, to a local business owner wishing his customers a "Merry Christmas"- we don't care if it's you or your household- we want a variety of jovial exclamations, or simply cheery comments, to help convey the setting of our town of Guthrie, Oklahoma just after the Land Run.


Take your phone and record a voice memo, or basic audio file. If you're recording by yourself, make sure the phone is no further than arm's length to your mouth, and no closer than six inches. If you're recording with your family or a group, set the phone nearby and record together. Try to limit the noise around you: turn off any fans, music, or atmospheric sounds and try to record in a quiet location.

  • Keep your recordings under 30 seconds.
  • Say as many phrases, good wishes, and bright exclamations as you'd like within that time.
  • Remember the time period is the late 1800's.
  • Give us your best and most authentic performance! 
Send your audio files to artisticdirector@thepollard.org!
Submit your audio before November 16th, 2020. 
We thank you for keeping the Pollard in your thoughts as we bring 2020 to a close! And we can't wait to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas in the best way we know how!

Stay tuned for when you can catch 'A Territorial Christmas Carol' here on our website!



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