What is the 'Splatter Zone'?

The 'Splatter Zone' is dedicated seating in our auditorium, consisting of the first two rows closest to our stage. If you choose to sit in our 'Splatter Zone', a variety of non-toxic (but potentially fabric-staining) liquids will be "sprayed" in your direction- representative of arterial spray, viscous gory material, and miscellaneous bodily fluids. In short, you will be drenched.

How do I purchase 'Splatter Zone' seats?

You can access our ticketing page by clicking on the showpage's calender and selecting a date, or by simply clicking the 'Buy Tickets' option on the Home or Tickets page. Our ticketing options for 'Evil Dead: The Musical' are delineated in two sections: the 'Splatter Zone' is outlined in RED, and our normal seating is outlined in BLUE. Purchase your 'Splatter Zone' seats by clicking within the red boxes at the top of the seating chart. You will be taken to the 'Splatter Zone' ticket page where you can select/highlight the seats you would like to purchase from there. The rest of the process is standard procedure.

How many 'Splatter Zone' seats are there?

There are 35 total 'Splatter Zone' seats. Rows C and D are considered a 'Buffer Zone' and are comprised of 42 seats. Though the 'Buffer Zone' is technically deemed as normal seating, it is still a zone we've designated for potential splatter.

If I choose regular seating, will I be sprayed with blood?

While the 'Splatter Zone' is officially limited to the first two rows of seating, we have labeled the third and fourth rows as a 'Buffer Zone'. Though blood is not intended to target this area, it is still widely possible for some excess liquids to enter that region. We caution audience members who are concerned for their clothing or valuables to look for seats further back, but rows C and D would be perfect for those interested in up close viewing without a terrential mess. A little red mist never hurt anybody! Beyond that point, every other seat in the house is considered "blood free", and audience members claiming those seats will get to admire the carnage from a distance.

Why are no discounts applied to the 'Splatter Zone'?

Since the 'Splatter Zone' is considered special seating, we do not offer discounts or rush order tickets.

What do I wear if I sit in the 'Splatter Zone'?

While our goal is to create a "non-staining" blood formula, there are no guarantees that it will wash out completely. We suggest you wear attire that you wouldn't mind getting dirty... or possibly framing! Our actors are prepped with Sharpies, and if you're lucky, you might just catch them after the show to sign your blood-stained wardrobe!

Why sit in the Splatter Zone?

The 'Splatter Zone' will be a unique theatregoing experience for any Horror-movie fanatic, and especially for fans of Raimi's cult-classic films. Our on-stage actors bring you into the grisly, zany, and downright evil world of the show with interactive "splatter" action that urges audience members to dance, quote, laugh along, or simply be sprayed with blood as you're taken through your favorite moments of the Evil Dead Trilogy.


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